About Kohlsen

About Us

Kohlsen integrate cutting edge technology solutions and deliver to worldwide market. We are a software and hardware solutions provider team work closely with each local system integrator partners to deliver high quality technology solutions to the market to support our end customers' plan of upgrade to 5G and AI era. 

Kohlsen is a high tech solutions system integrator.

Kohlsen is a 5G, 4G, NBIoT, Wifi communication solutions provider. 

Kohlsen is an AI, AIoT, IoT solutions provider.

Kohlsen is a Smart Retail, Smart Building, Smart Factory solutions provider. 

Kohlsen is a Fintech, Big Data solutions provider. 

Our products and solutions are R&D in Taiwan and made in Taiwan or nearby Asian countries with highest standard of quality control and inspection with proven successful projects in the worldwide market.